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  • redelite
    10-06 05:02 PM
    ....aaaaaaaaand to Temp for the idea ;)

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  • Jaime
    09-15 10:23 PM
    I'm not from India but I believe in Karma. We create our own future through our actions. If we perform a good action today we can expect a good result. That is why it is so important that the undecided people attend the rally!

    Think of retrogression as Sansara. A vicious circle. It is only by acting and creating our own Karma that we will get out of Maya and see reality. Our gren cards will not fall from the sky, we have to go get them! By not going to Washington and assuming that your green card will suddenly appear out of nowhere, you are proving to yourself that you are stuck in some sort of immigration avidya.

    We need to act with selflessness as in Karma Yoga, so that we can understand how our unity will bring the results we seek, to all of us.

    Remember Arjuna when he realizes before the battle that his enemies are his own family. We at IV should not be our own enemies by not attending the rally, because we all know what Krishna told Arjuna: "Your duty is to fight"

    Instead of hurting each other, we need to use karma and our friendship for each other to unite in our common cause and fight. Remember, our duty is to fight, it is our choice then to fight against each other (by not attending the rally and letting others do it) or fight all together, united against retrogression, and create the good Karma that will ultimately defeat the broken immigration system.

    We all are family! Let's fight together friends!!! Come JOIN US IN DC!!!!

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  • Voetsjoeba
    08-29 11:57 AM
    And I'm looking for someone who would give me 10 billion, but hey, whatcha you gonna do ? :sigh:

    Geez, they're getting worse by the day.

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  • pani_6
    12-15 02:28 PM
    To buttress IV strategy any tasks for members during the holiday season..I understand we dont dicuss any strategies in open Forums..but to support your strategies during the holiday season?..people will have a little more free time..so we can involve in writing / meeting senators!??..

    There is only lill time before the senate opens again!


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  • sonu9
    07-30 12:56 PM
    Hello Attorneys/ known guys, ( first of all sorry for reposting new thread , i ddidnt get anyanswers but ead and ap expire time is coming soon )

    How are you doing ? i am new to here. i will fill all details soon. sorry for that.

    Before i stayed in place "X " which comes under nebrasaka centre, applied for 485, ead and ap. my company also in " X " only.

    Right now i am in place " Y " which comes under Texas centre ( because of my job i moved recently) . Now i want to renew my ead and ap my self . my job, payroll and living is in place " Y " only.

    But my pemanent address is " X " only. I want to continue that for my full GC process.

    what my question is what i have to mention the address for my ead and ap renewal ?

    1) is it "X " address as it is my permanent address and applied my 485 also from there and wish to continue or my "Y " address as i am working , living and payroll are here ?

    2) If i mention " X " address is there any problem ? , dont think wrongly as i really dont know

    3) if i put " Y " address is my case ead and ap along with 485 will move to Texas centre ?
    i really want to avoid it if chances are there in good way as my case before everything in Nebrasca centre compared to Texas centre procesing time is good

    4) If i put " Y " address i will get any RFE ?
    I really dont want that as my 485 was applied from " X " place.

    please answer . Thankyou in advance.

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  • johnwright03
    06-14 08:14 AM
    I have applied for my PERM labor and have not got any approval on that...I am checking to see if the Concurrent Filing of I-140 and I-485 is still available....???

    and also how many days or months does anyone think this PD will remain current..???

    Any suggestions will be appreciated...!!!


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-19 01:20 AM
    A nice contrast to the Politico article I just posted about the GOP is this piece from Ruben Navarette on how the Democrats could be right back where they were before 2006 with Latino voters if they fail to deliver on immigration reform.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/05/will-democrats-fumble-the-ball-with-latino-voters.html)

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  • frost_oni
    04-09 11:04 PM
    the font is nice...though i quite doubt the filled 'p'.

    other than that, it's good! :thumb:


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  • emeraldth
    01-05 03:42 PM
    My job description is "xxx mathematician" on the I-140, but what I'm actually doing is developing and supporting scientific programs. The industry is not IT. If I switch back to IT, could it still be "similar job"?
    Could anyone give me some suggestion, or recommend a good attorney for this? Thank you!

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  • rkumar18
    06-26 02:19 AM
    I'm in kind of a tricky situation.
    I currently work for a consulting company who is sponsoring my GC.Our client has offered me a full time position and I was planning to use AC21 to switch over but better sense prevailed over me to continue with my current employer to avoid any issues in GC processing.Now my client is not willing to extend my contract.Given the current job market, I think it might take atleast a month or two for my employer to find me another project.
    Just in case my I485 gets approved, can anyone please let me know if it is ok to be without pay (employer will not pay between projects) after the GC gets approved?Please advise.



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  • s416504
    06-24 11:16 AM

    On June 17, 2009, we mailed a notice requesting initial evidence in this case. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the evidence requested.

    Received RFE through mail, It says G-325 form missing. Don't know how will that miss?

    Our EB3 PD is JUL-06 then why RFE now? Shouid I reply RFE by just G-325 to USCIS or whole I-485 package again?

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  • chandra140
    10-13 01:37 PM
    I got the 140 denial notice.....the reason was not clear...here it is......

    The petitioner did not submit an individual labour certification for the beneficiary or evidence of schedule A designation.As such, the beneficiary is ineligible for classification as a member of the preofessions holding an advanced degree or an alien of exceptional ability.

    Can i know what reason did u got in ur 140 denial notice.


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  • kirupa
    04-22 05:52 PM
    I like all of them except the 4th one :) The contrast between the modern and the stylistic text is simply far too great.

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  • hopelessGC
    11-03 11:51 AM
    Hi guys,

    My LCA got denied today (reason unknown) and my H1-B has expired on Nov. 1 as well. :(

    I also have a pending I-485 petition with approved I-140. I also have a valid EAD. So I assume, I am currently shifted to AOS pending status working on EAD.

    My question is whether this denial negatively affects my pending I-485 application? I assume not but just wanted to confirm anyways :confused:

    Thanks for you responses.


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  • vrbest
    11-21 08:19 AM
    Thanks for the clarification. This helps!

    The text is printed on your SSN card based on your visa status at the time of application. EAD is also a temporary status, this also requires a renewal. Hence, you would not be able to "remove" the text from your SSN card until your receive the GC.

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  • irinaal
    01-23 05:58 PM
    Does anybody have idea or experience how long it takes for USCIS to make desicion about I-485 expedition (pending for 2.8 years now)?
    My hospital sent expedition request to TSC about 3 months ago, there is no replay yet.
    I'll appreciate any advice/information.


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  • tdasara
    07-19 12:21 PM
    Send an email to the reporter. I did..

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  • smarth
    02-13 03:18 PM
    Hi ,

    howmany days will it take by USCIS to give decision once after we submit all relevant documents for I140 RFE.



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  • TexasGC
    08-06 02:35 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    Need some inputs urgently. I recently joined a company. They had posted job offering all over the place without much success. Finally they decided to hire me on H1.

    Now while initiating the Green Card process, I am being told
    "Nothing can be used from our original recruiting as there are strict guidelines on the resources that must be used for the recruiting (i.e. posted on our website for 10 days and screen shots taken every day, etc.). Everything needs to be started from scratch"

    Is this correct? What is the correct process in PERM?

    Here is what the Attorney's office says:
    "The entire labor certification process, from initial preparation to recruitment to approval of the application, takes about 6 months. However, we will work very closely with your office to complete the necessary steps in the least amount of time feasible. Once we receive the inputs from your office, we will work with you to prepare the job description and minimum requirements. Once that is finalized we will identify the recruitment options and begin recruitment. We must file the application within 180 days from the first date the recruitment begins. Our target date to file is 90 days after the first date the requirement begins"

    Please advise. Is all the above correct or is there something being quoted incorrectly.

    Best Regards,

    11-26 12:31 AM
    Hi :
    I had applied for H1 when from india apil 2007, and in may 2007 i entered US on H4. My h1 got approved in aug 2007 asking me to get the stamping done from india. My consultant applied for H1 amendment on sep 21 2007. Its 8 weeks now, still not got any reply from INS.

    1. I would like to know,how long does it generally take for h1 B amendment process.

    2. Since the amendment is taking a long, can i go to mexico and re-enter


    10-18 02:41 PM
    and the write-up mostly talks about illegal immigration.

    While quoting, discussing such links helps the members of this forum somewhat in keeping the buzz, I feel we must have focussed efforts on specific provisions that will improve the issues faced by legal immigrants. It is possible that this is easier to achieve than a Comprehensive Immigration Reform that this articles speaks about. Thanks to apnair2002 for the post.


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